5 lessons our sons need to learn

5 lessons our sons need to learn

Schools obviously pay a lot of focus towards the academic development of a kid. There are various tests and assignments to measure what they learn in this school system. However, apart from the studies kids do in the schools, there are other lessons to learn.

Every mom of a boy will understand. You are raising a man here. And that man better be God damn awesome. And it’s not an easy task. I wish we knew what qualities determine a real MAN. And if only we had a checklist of things we should do every day in order to make sure we develop those qualities.

However, we are not the first moms of boys in this worlds. Some of those before us, seem to have done a good job. We can at least learn from their experience.

Here are 5 vital lessons our sons need to learn.

1. Teach him to have fullest confidence, whatever he does

Confidence is a thing that boosts one’s life and helps him succeed. No matter what you do, you should have an unwavering confidence about yourself. You are the one who knows your skills, abilities and powers so well. Our sons should know this truth as soon as they step into the society. Play with your son and let him win now and then; it will build his confidence and help not to be afraid to compete with grownups. The key is to let a boy know that he got what it takes. Express your love and respect and show that you can rely on him.

2. Train him to be a man of his word

One of the most important qualities every boy should develop when becoming a man is to live by his word. Teach him to do what he says no matter what it takes. Ask your son to honor the commitments. Also, teach him to be punctual at all times regardless of the seriousness of the appointment. Despite of all the modern facilities, most of the modern people lack of punctuality for one reason or another; don’t let your son fall into this category. Train him to be at least 10 minutes early for any appointment.

3. Teach him to respect women 

You should set an example for your son about how to respect and treat women and stand tall as a true gentleman. Be sure that your man treats you with all due respect and it will be the perfect platform for your son to learn the lesson practically. Eventually, as he is a grown up gentleman, he will be an open hearted man who is an asset to the society.

4. Let him know the importance of personal responsibility 

Your son should know the importance of personal responsibility from his childhood. Teach him to accept the mistakes he did and correct them at his earliest and best. Don’t let him withdraw from accepting challenges; ask him to be a front-liner and grab the opportunity with confidence. Every mistake your son makes should be a lesson for him to grow up with a strong mindset. Whenever he admits a fault and tries to correct it, praise him. Let him know the meaning of good old saying; “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”

5. Make him courageous  

Modern society demands courage in many forms. Trying out something new, standing against harassment, engaging in a very competitive sport, experiments, inventions. Standing for your values and beliefs requires courage.

And the most important thing. Never show your disappointment. Your son came to this world not to please you, not even to make you happy. He came into this world with his own mission. And that mission might be lost because he will spend too much time trying to make you proud. Be proud no matter what.



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