5 every new mom’s essentials

5 every new mom’s essentials 

Once you become a mother, a lot of things change. Including your body. Some truly intimate parts of your body. And weirdly, nobody warns you about this things! Gosh, sometimes I think it’s a some kind of conspiracy! 

But anyway. We got you covered. Here is the list of 5 things that are absolutely essential for every young mom after she gives birth.

5 every new mom’s essentials

1. Natural lubricant 

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Before you start protesting, let me explain. After pregnancy, birth and breast feeding, hormones become kind of crazy. And tissue still needs a lot of time to heal itself. Anyway. Trust us on this one. Natiral water based lubricant like Sylk – is essential! I’d say vital! 

2. Cardimom

What’s that you ask? We tell you. It’s an amazing creation, aimed to change the rules of breastfeeding. Convertible and easy to take care of. Made from pure cotton. We just love it. Cardimom will make your motherhood even more enjoyable.

3. Smart sponges

You’ll be outsourcing huge amount of your housework. Seriously. And sometimes it’s going to be your hubby who is gonna do all the job. And he’ll need some guidance here. These little cuties will do the trick.

4. Homeopathic Pain relief cream

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Yeah, holding a baby 24/7 will probably make your back a little bit sore. And having natural, harmless and really working over the counter remedy will make you significantly happier. Topricin pain relief cream is definitely one of the best we tried so far. 

5. Healing and pain relief cream for kids.

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Well, yeah. There will be a lot of boo-boos along the way. And your child’s sensitive skin needs a special caring approach. Which only a few brands on the market can provide. One of our fav is Topricin for children. Homeopathic, safe and fast. Who could ask for more?

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