5 essentials for your kid’s sleepover

Spring brake is coming. So is the freedom of sleepovers…

Date nights, movie nights and lots lots lots of fun. And a few troubles.

No matter how hard you try, there is always some minor thing that will bother you. But we got you covered here! It’s all on us!

Here is the list of essentials that will totally make your sleepover routine (if I can even say so) better.

1. Sleeping Bag!


Dramatically better than using portable bed and dealing with bedding stuff. Makes it really easy.

We have the Olive Kids Wild Animals Original Sleeping Bag.

5 sleepover essentials

2. Comfy pajamas!

Nothing new here. Just make sure this particular pajama set suits your kiddo the best. We love Hanna Andersson Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton. It’s soft and lovely.

5 essentials for your kid's sleepover

3. Comfy shoes.

We used slippers before. But it appeared buy levitra online that slippers are not comfy at all. As soon as our son learned to understand what e likes and what he hates (very dramatic, I know), he told us how horrible rubber slippers are :)

Soft, washable cotton slippers are the best. Breganwood Organics Children’s Slippers are one in a million. I adore it because they are machine washable. Our son loves them, cause they are just so lovely. 

5 essentials for your kid's sleepover

4. Disposable toothbrush

Yep, that’s right. No panic needed. Use and toss. Let them kids, have fun!

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5. Flashlight & extra flashlight

What the fun without forbidden pleasures?

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