5 diaper bag solutions you never thought about

I’ve always been a huge opponent of diaper bags. I mean they are all ugly. And bulky. And just don’t go with my fancy outfits. Yep, I do wear fancy outfits every time I can. I bought all those beautiful things to actually wear them. So I wear silk blouses, scarfs and strange fashionable hats. They do get stained by mysterious things sometimes. But, at least I get to wear them now, not “one day when my kids grow up”. Seriously. By the time that day comes, those lovely suede pumps of yours will go out of fashion FOR EVER!

Anyways, let’s get back to diaper bags.

Since I dislike all diaper bags so much (well except for Gucci, but let’s face the music, I’d never spend $1000 on a diaper bag) I’ve made a little research.

And here’s what I came up with.


Keep scrolling, I saved the very best part for the end.


1. The Fake Birkin

I know you wanted a Birkin bag for years. Come on! Don’t lie. I started to actually want it when Samantha form Sex and the City started to want it (God, I’m old 😭)

What can be funnier than Banane canvas tote bag with Birkin print? Seriously? In addition to diapers and bottles stuffed in it. That’s an irony. And I like it. Plus it’s so easy to wash it.

diaper bag alternative

2. Any Neverfull

Well, really. You might have it already.

Starting with fancy LV and Goyard (you’ve been young and wild once, you might have one) and ending with Michael Kors Rogers Tote. It can be any tote really! Any huge tote-like bag will do. Even your beach bag can be absolutely perfect. As long as it fits everything you need and doesn’t have a kindergarten print on it.

3. Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack

So you’re still a little fancy. And You kind of want to keep it that way. I totally get it.

Longchamp is fancy. Yet really comfortable, extremely capacious and practical. And should I mention portable?


4. The dad way

I don’t know why, but somehow diaper bags made for dads actually are more awesome that those designed for mommies. It’s a real mystery to me.

Just take a look at this Building The Foundation Daddy diaper bag by Lillian Rose. Stylish, cute and funny. I’d better carry this around instead of something covered with ridiculous pink pattern.

5. ToteSavvy

Finally My personal favourite! 😍 The best ever diaper bag alternative! I’m absolutely in love with this solution!

ToteSavvy is an organiser that can turn every bag into a convenient diaper bag! That has everything you might need! Choose between two sizes: original and mini. Made to fit literally in any bag! It bends and molds to the inner shape of your handbag offering a great fit and providing protection.

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