5 books your kids need to read

5 books your kids need to read

Today there are tons of colourful, glittering, shining and even talking books on the market. But none of them seem to be as heartwarming and touching as those our moms used to read us when we were kids.

That’s why we made a selection of our favourite timeless books.

1. Empty pot by Demi

Apart from tremendously amazing illustrations, there is an incredible sense and moral inside this tiny book.

2. The root children Sibylle von Olfers

A romantic tale that any child would love, a fantasy to think that little root children may be running about in the grasses and the forest under our feet! Illustrations are full of insects, butterflies, flowers, and various plants. So the kids love to explore them.

3. Children of the forest by Elsa Beskow

A fantasy world of little family interconnected with nature.

4. The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren

A beloved story about a gnome like creature, who guards us while we sleep.

5. The lost lagoon by Reg Down

What can be better than adventures? Only adventures with friends!


Main photo credit Robyn Budlender

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