5 amazing nurseries you can do your self

The most exciting time is when the baby is on it’s way. I won’t lie, it’s actually more exciting than the moment he arrives into your life! So enjoy it to the maximum capacity!

Buy things, style the nursery, in other words – enjoy!

Here are 5 amazing nurseries you can do your self.

1. Cloudy DIY

This daddy knows good DIY. How cute are these little clouds? Super nice!

2. Mint blue madness

This absolutely unbelievable mom is pure inspiration. She turns old things into new magical art pieces. In other words – check her out, follow and get some ideas. And the nursery in mint blue is awesome. Simple, yet lovely and stylish.

3. Girly, but not toxic pink

A photo posted by Haylie Arb (@hayzlie) on

Amazing combination of everything! Eclectic in good sense of it. Bold colors, complicated textures, different shapes. Love it!

4. The white, the black and the color!

A photo posted by Johanna (@wilwig) on

Incredible combination of classic black and white and single burst of green.

5. Color splash

A photo posted by Alisha (@mumma_leesha) on

A lot of beautifully combined color!

Of course you can always go crazy and arrange an indoor water park or at least large indoor water walls

That will totally entertain your kid. And it’s insanely beautiful.

Main picture from mumma_leesha!

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