5 advices on mothering your mom learned

We are not really open for advices from our moms, aren’t we?

After all, we tend to blame all of our so called “screw ups” on them. And don’t even think to deny it now. Just face it.

But here are the 5 things you would probably hear from your mom if you only gave her a chance to talk.

1. Never compare

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This road leads nowhere. There will always be somebody who doing something better than you. So what? Instead of thinking how bad you are, think about getting together. Together you can accomplish soooo much more!

2. Stop trying to be a perfect mom

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So, after you stop comparing yourself to all perfect moms around you. You might also stop putting on yourself too much pressure. Nobody can achieve perfection. But you can spend your life trying to do it. Instead of enjoying it. it’s you choice, though.

3. Give your kids space

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I know it’s hard to believe, but your little bundle of joy is an actual personality. And soon enough this personality is going to start showing. Thus, you might want to save yourself some nerves and just give you kids some personal space.

4. Create special moments

Show your kids you love them. Don’t just say it. Show it.

Recently a friend of mine gave me one precious advice. She said: “whatever you are doing, if your child asks to be held, soothed, kissed – stop and give your child what he needs!”. Because this is the only way to show them your love.

5. Participate in your child’s education

The trick is that – no matter haw great the school is, they are eager to learn from us!

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