4 upbringing tips from Sicilian parents

My italian childhood was definitely one to remember. A house full of kids, love and responsibilities. We have never had a single free minute. We were always occupied with duties. And it seemed that it was so unfair, because we wanted to play and explore… Though, when I come back there in my memories, I see how we played and explored while being useful and being involved in adult life. There was no gap. We were helping to clean the house, to cook. We learned to do everything that adults did. And it was so much fun! I’m so grateful for that experience. And I’m willing to share a few tips on parenting from my italian family!

1. Treat kids like adults.

Don’t be afraid to give them duties. Talk to them as if they already are adults. Ask them to do important things and show them how valuable their buy imitrex online help is.

2. Make help an obligation.

The earlier you start to teach kids to help – the better. When kids get involved in household chores the get to know how hard it actually is to clean. Thus, naturally they will treat their house with more respect.

3. Be consistent

Remember that chars are something that children have to do regularly. This will help to develop self-organization and sense of responsibility.

4. No guilt

You don’t have to feel guilt. Sometimes it seems like instead of letting your kids have fun, you force them into something. But trust me, kids will still have fun! I’ve been there 😉 We were very creative. We have even invented some new games.


We gathered almonds, than made torrone (typical Sicilian treat); harvested olives; baked pizza… Life was incredibly interesting! Sometimes even breathtaking! And there was always some kind of warm connection between all of us.

Main photo: Giuseppe Leone/“Siciliani in piazza”

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