4 unexpected baby shower gifts

There are certain things that we expect to get on baby showers. You know, diaper cakes and cute little newborn outfits, that you actually won’t really need. Especially if you’re planning to use organic diapers… Bummer. You’ll have to donate those diaper cakes somewhere.

Anyways, we decided to make a short list of awfully awesome unexpected baby shower gifts. Just in case you’re invited to a baby shower, add this post to favourites.

These gifts will definitely hit the spot as most useful and most appreciated.

1. The Ollie Swaddle

What is it? It’s a swaddle! But not just any swaddle! It’s THE ONE swaddle you need to make it work. What makes it stand out from astonishing variety of other awesome swaddles?

I’d say the love behind every little stitch. But I’ll be more practical.

First of all the fabric is moisture-wicking. What does that mean? It means that by absorbing extra moisture it can prevent your baby from over heating. It’s also extremely skin-like soft. Your little one feels like he is being wrapped in your arms. Safe and sound.

Second important thing is velcro. And I’ve tested many other swaddles snaps, but all of them were either too stiff or would eventually tear the fabric. This is not the case. Ollie swaddle is soft everywhere.

You just need ONE size. One! No need to buy other sizes when your baby grows.

And the last, but not the least is an opening in the bottom. Which allows you to change your baby’s diaper without unfastening the whole thing and (if you be gentle enough) without waking up your bundle of scream joy.

2. Handmade natural bath bombs and soaps

4 unexpected baby shower gifts

So somebody invited you to a baby shower. And here you are surfing the internet, searching for the perfect gift for a child that is not even born. But who is that person carrying that baby? Well, hello! that’s your friend! Shouldn’t you treat her to something wonderful and relaxing?

Exactly my point here.

She’ll probably get a few Sephora gift certificates, she won’t have time to use and will end up re-giving them anyway. You might go with a spa day thing too. But I’d stick to giving some high quality self indulging products, no woman will buy herself. Like a bath bomb. And if you tried one, you know that it’s an absolute delight. But it’s far from your “most important products” list.

Being pregnant is not an easy thing actually (DUH). It involves a lot (I mean a hell of a lot) of STRESS! Plus your skin gets all sensitive to each and every kind of chemicals. You start smelling things you have never even known that had a smell before. So it’s vital to go all natural and relax!

What can be more relaxing than an awesome bath?

I’d be extremely happy to get a 9 months supply of bath bombs. Seriously! And my husband would be totally happy I didn’t spend our money on it.

3. Binxy Baby


Now this one is just plain awesome.

It’s something you wouldn’t even know exist. Yet it does! It’s every big city mom’s lifesaver. So what’s that? It’s a shopping cart hammock. You’d say “WHAAAT?”

Ok. Now, picture yourself buying weekly supply of groceries for your family. Annoying, but easy? Now add a newborn to that picture. And may be a toddler. Not that easy anymore? Especially when you think about the danger of placing a car seat on top of the cart. The tend to fall. And when the do fall, they fall face down! Here comes the Binxy Baby and saves the day.

So how it works? It works pretty much as it says it is. It’s a hammock. Just start it on the shopping cart and put your baby in. Or put the car seat in and safely strap it!

This is a game changer.

4. DockATot


I believe that you’ve already heard something about this miracle thing. Somewhere in between of “everybody talking about it”, “everybody is writing about it” and “everybody is using it”.

And you know why? Because it’s awesome in deed.

Apart from being a safe, snug and soothing environment for your little one, it’s just simply his personal space. Yep. It’s incredibly controversial and a little bit shocking, but it appears that little kids need to have their personal space. And it has to be as womb-like as possible. And did I mention safe? DockATot is breathable and carefully designed to provide open air. It’s also portable! Oh! Thank you GOD Lisa Furuland! DockATot is not just perfect for co-sleeping or crib to bed transition. It’s just irreplaceable when it comes to travelling. I was struggling with my boy before I finally found DockATot. I don’t need a portable crib, blankets, toys (basically I had to take half of his room with us). I just need this lovely little thing. And he is satisfied, safe and happy!


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