4 tricks to get your family around dinner table

4 tricks to get your family around dinner table

The majority of families are eager to spend time together.

And dinner time can be just perfect to reconnect with every member of your family.

But it sometimes becomes quite challenging to get everyone to gather around the dinner table to share a meal together.

Yet, the special connection felt around the dining table is so enjoyable and completely pverwhelmed with love. It’s definitely worth fighting for.

These 4 tricks will help you win no matter what.

Yep, it’s a war, mommy! Especially if you have teenagers in the house.


1. Choose the menu collectively

While planning a menu ask for every member of the family to put his/her share in. 

And I don’t mean just cook a meal that everyone will like (or at lest not hate). I mean – spread responsibilities. Ask someone to bring dessert, peel potatoes (for french fries for instance) or go in the supermarket to get cucumbers.

2. Add some color

If you have little kids in your house try adding some fun to your dishes. Kids are always interested in trying a new colorful bright foods. One sweet potato mashed in with mashed potatoes will make a curious dish. 

Or just a plate of sliced colorful bell peppers, centered around guacamole or hummus.

3. Encourage everyone to help out in the kitchen

The meal starts long before it’s set on the table. It starts in the kitchen. Try to engage your kids to do some easy work. Like chopping veggies, mashing some avocado, or stirring sauce. You want them to be extremely good at what they do, so don’t pick anything too hard. They will feel proud that they have contributed for the meal.

4. Switch off the TV

Put all the distraction aside while having food!

No TV, no phones, no tablets, no earphones. Make it a habit.

Out on some nice relaxing music. And talk!


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