4 life changing benefits of pretend play

5 life changing benefits of pretend play. Brought by Great Pretenders, the masters of pretend play!

It’s pretty hard for an adult person to deeply understand the value of pretending. Somehow along the way we loose the ability to play a role (in a good way). First of all we have to focus on it’s benefits

1. This is how our kids learn

Learn to do anything. Anything at all. Have you ever noticed how your child copies your moves or actions? Talking on lego block like it’s a phone. Or swiping the floor with a stick. This is learning in action.

2. Emotional skills

When your child plays a role he gets an impression of walking in someone buy xanax in cancun else’s shoes. Experimenting. Trying on different social and emotional models helps to develop empathy.

3. Problem solving

Pretend play provides your child with enormous quantity of problems and variety of ways to solve them.
4 life changing benefits of pretend play

4. Communicative skills

The pretend play helps your child to understand the power of language. That words actually can lead to actions. And gives the opportunity to experiment with this connection.

4 life changing benefits of pretend play

But the most important thing what kids learn is responsibility. Unexpected, huh? Hard to notice that hidden benefit. But giving them a possibility to be who ever they want to be. We also help them to understand, that it all depends on their choices and actions. Everything depends on their choices and actions.


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