4 Gadgets To Make Parenting Easy Breezy

First of all, of course, nothing can actually make parenting easy breezy. That was just a commercial move. Sorry Person Shrugging on Apple iOS 11.2

Though your lifestyle will dramatically change (or have already changed) after you have a baby, you can still make the transition easier. With a little help of some gadgets.

Good news is – we live in fastly developing and advancing world. Where each day a new discovery is made.

So let’s take some advantage of these benefits that are all around us.

Hard to choose? Well, we got you covered.

1.  Lollipop Baby Cam

Yes, it looks awesome. But that’s not a primary reason why we love it.

Though it was kind of a contributing factor. 😜

  • It’s extremely easy to install.
  • the video quality is very high
  • the sound quality is amazing
  • it grows with your baby

2. Mamaroo 4

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Ok, this one is not that little. But it’s extremely and incredibly helpful.

When your baby is just an infant and you can’t really tell what upsets her, what makes her cry. But you also just can’t spend the whole day holding her. You need to pee/eat/sleep/cook/shower. Here’s where Mamaroo makes the whole thing work. It is truly an irreplaceable item.

And unlike so many other baby swings, it mimics the way you move when you hold your baby. Sounds awesome, huh?

Thanks to Mamaroo I had lots of wonderful showers, delightful and relaxing cups of coffee and was even able to blow dry my hair.Person Tipping Hand on Apple iOS 11.2

I must say, that Mamaroo has its flaws. There is that obstruction error a lot of people are getting.But all you have to do is send a letter to 4Moms and they’ll replace the base for you.

3. GB QBIT +

I know the name sounds somewhat terrifing. It’s a stroller.

It’s an umbrella stroller. Meaning it’s a small and portable stroller.

Yet it has relatively big wheels (which is important, trust me on this one). It reclines, so your little one can have a nice nap. And it can be pushed with one hand.

4. MonBaby monitor

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Your newborn is quietly sleeping in his crib, yet you can’t seem to relax. You simply sit by the crib and react to every single move. Familiar situation?

MonBaby is a baby monitor in a small button. That clips directly to your baby’s clothes. It provides you with vital information and some peace of mind.







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