4 easy steps to teach your child to sleep through the night

And once again about sleeping.

When your baby becomes a toddler everything changes.
Why do we have to start all over again every single step?
How do you teach your baby/toddler to sleep through the night no matter what? And the most important question is – how to make this achievement permanent?
Those parents, who are sleep training their babies (and let’s face the truth, that’s pretty much all of us) dream to know the answer to this question.
First of all, let’s try to understand, why baby’s sleep is so fragile and inconsistent?
Actually, humans never sleep through the night without waking up. We have certain phases of sleep. It’s just that adults know how to snooze themselves and babies don’t.
We had no problems with our son. He slept through the night since he was 1 month old. We used method based on the Dr. Estivil’s book to teach him. And everything was fine until we stopped sleeping in the same room.
But what changed? I was so confused. Nothing seemed to help. Than, finally, we understood.
It’s all about how he falls asleep.
When he falls a sleep knowing that we are in the room, and than, in the middle of his sleep phases he freaks out, because something changed. His mom, that just was here, is not here anymore.
Thus, if he learns to fall asleep on his own, there will be no confusion.
That’s it!
This is the most important thing you have to know about baby’s sleep! And the first step on your way to calm and peaceful nights.
Second step is to identify your baby’s sleep associations.
It can be a lullaby, a bottle of milk, a boob, a pacifier.
A pacifier, though, can be a bad idea. It’s not very easy to find a tiny pacifier for a sleepy little one at night. Or you can put a few on different parts of the crib.
sleeping through the night
Avi uses his finger to calm himself.
It’s very important to stick to child’s sleep associations and to form a routine.
So, third step is – routine. A walk outside, a bath, massage. Anything that is comfortable for you to do every evening before bedtime.
We have a regular 30 minutes walk. At any weather! Then supper and bath.
sleeping through the night
And the last, but not the least stepfinding a sleeping object. A blanket a toy or pajamas. Something that is going to stay only in the bedroom.
sleeping through the night

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