3 tips on what to do if you don’t like kids

3 tips on what to do if you don’t like kids.

First of all. Take a deep breath. Stop worrying and realize, that you are not alone.

I never loved kids. Well, to be honest, they actually madden me. All that sniveling, theething, pooping and stupid questions. It was just too annoying for me. Very rarely — sweet.

But, please, don’t you rush to throw stones at me. You are about to read the funny part of the story.

Even when I was deeply pregnant, I still didn’t like kids. At first I was worried and tried to cure this «disease» by surrounding myself with children. Should I mention, that it didn’t work?

Children still didn’t bring me any joy. And even more, I began to panic. Don’t try to find love on the contrary. I’ve checked, just use my experience.

So, second step is to embrace the fact. You don’t like kids. Compulsion won’t help. 

Naturally, I started to question myself, what if I’ll never feel love to my own son.

But the day Avi was born my life changed. No, no, it wasn’t momentarely! It was the beginning of inevitable process. Once it started, it couldn’t be stopped.

It happened so insensibly.

And look at me now. I’m amused by all this philosophical questions. Sniveling and teething seem funny. And even pooping is not so bad anymore. And what is most important — no more panic.

Now, regarding myself during the «childless» period, I try to keep the distance with my child free friends.


Simply not to shock them. Because, not every woman can even dare to have a child of her own, if she can’t deal with someone else’s child.

And one more thing. The most useful tip is to relax. Mother nature will do everything for you. So, just sit back and enjoy. 

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