3 secrets how to organize afterbirth time-management

3 secrets how to organize afterbirth time-management

Since the moment Avi was born (literally, it was very fast) there was nothing I could make in time. I was always late. Until today. Only yesterday we urgently changed dipers in «sturbucks», today we stopped to eat on somebody’s porch… but we finally made it!

Of course I was the only one who prized and appreciated this priceless moment.

But, listen, I made it in time!

This means — VICTORY!

My life became mine again!

I finally managed to take everything under control.

How? That’s a very hard question.

I tried to use usual time-management tricks. But they didn’t work. No surprise, huh? Apparently, mothers world is a totally different reality, where all the laws of the universe simply don’t work.

Then I just found what works for me.

First of all – accept any help! I mean it! ANY! Being away from my family means that there is no mom to babysit or cook or just talk to me. And yeah, when somebody offers you a hand, grab it fast (before they change their mind)!

Spend time with your husband. How it’s connected to organizing yourself? Directly! Husbands usually feel a bit abandoned after the baby is born. And they estrange. Going deeper into their selves. As a result — no understanding and no help. No help — no time, right? So, after the baby is in his(hers) bed, have a few hours for you two. Try to rebuild your connection. And you’ll be surprised. The next day your husband will be the most loving and helpful daddy in the world (we checked).

Create your own day schedule. Yes, I know that it probably won’t fit into any other routine. But as soon as you put the baby and yourself on schedule, you’ll notice that you have plenty of free time! And what is more important, you will know WHEN you will have that free time.

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