3 rules to discipline your kids that REALLY work

When it comes to discipline – each mom has her own way. And well, I’m ready to share my little secret. It doesn’t always work as it should expected. Yep.

And sometimes I feel seriously desperate. I wish I’d have a few certain rules to implement, that will work.

Thus, we are sharing this 3 incredible rules, that will help you discipline your child.

1. Chores together.

If you are cleaning and your child it crying to get your attention – everybody is upset. So, here comes the rule. Unless you like whining. You can be in the same room with me if you are not helping me. But be realistic, most likely your child’s cleaning will look mostly like pretend play. But as they say: practice makes perfect.

2. We seat and then we eat.

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Eating on the road, in the play room or God forbid in bed can turn your life in a very un pretty mess. And the trick is, once you establish certain time and rules for dining – your kids will stop asking for hundreds of snacks in the middle of the day.

3. You get what you get.

You get what you get and you don’t throw it on the floor, don’t cry about it and don’t ask anything else. Because life can be pretty unfair. And you won’t always be there to change it.

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