3 reasons why some cribs are better than others

Picking the Perfect Crib For Your baby’s Nursery
When picking baby cribs there are various options to choose between: a standard crib, a convertible crib, a circle crib, or even an acrylic crib. And even then there are so many options for color and decor as well. Below we examine a couple options you may want to consider when choosing a crib, and why some are better than others!


A standard crib is probably what pops into your mind when picturing a crib- it is a crib with either slats on all sides, or slats on the two wider sides with head and foot boards on the top and bottom. These you can get just about anywhere; target, ikea, baby depot, you name it. But a run of the mill Ikea Baby Crib is not always the best option. Not only are these cribs are poorly made but you will also have to assemble them yourself leading to unnecessary stress. In addition, you can’t guarantee that these are made with materials, like paint and wood, that are safe for your baby. An alternative is an AFK baby crib, our cribs are handmade with baby-safe materials, pre-assembled, and delivered straight to your door.

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As stated above, there are many different types of cribs you can but, ranging from a standard crib to maybe an ornate circle crib. However, what sets a plain crib apart form a beautiful crib is the design and the detail. Any plain boring crib will likely be a single color and plain slats, which of course is fine, but for many, the first couple year in their baby’s life are some you want to remember forever. Having a beautiful crib with woodcarvings and hand painted scenes can really brighten up your nursery and lift your spirits whenever you lay your baby to sleep or rise them in the morning. Pretty things have a way of making like a little more enjoyable!

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While general stores select and create an illusion of choice between three or four different pre-selected colors for you, AFK luxury baby furniture lets you pick custom colors and designs, and works with you to develop a beautiful crib to your liking  where you can create memories that will last a lifetime in your nursery. You can use your favorite color and pick a specific fabric to use on your crib and throughout your nursery to create a welcoming and cohesive look. Maybe you want to draw inspiration from your favorite nursery rhyme and have a scene painted on your crib… the possibilities are endless.

picking the perfect crib

Ultimately, making your crib and nursery a special place for you and your family will ensure positive attitudes, comfort and beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Visit AFK Furniture today to pick your perfect crib!



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