3 reasons to buy DockAtot

You’ve definitely heard of the DockAtot. It’s been super popular and moms are going crazy over it.

It’s stylish and cute. It looks just awesome on every instagram pic. We know that. Don’t we?

But it’s not just a cute thing to compliment your kids’ bedroom. It’s an incredible practical tool to make your life significantly easier.

Who should buy DockAtot?

I don’t really like using the word “buy” when it comes to products like this one. When you purchase something that will guarantee you calmer and longer nights, more peaceful and restful sleep. How would you call that? I say, it’s an investment. Yeah, that’s right.

We all know that saying: Happy mom – happy baby. But it actually goes like: Happy mom – happy everyone.

So you’re not just buying something for your child. You’re investing in your family’s happiness. 

3 reasons to buy DockAtot

1. If you’re co-sleeping

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Why? Because it’s so far the safest way to co-sleep I’ve heard of.

When we came home from the hospital my co-sleeping plans were long gone. Our son was so tiny that my biggest fear was to hurt him while sleeping. I just couldn’t imagine falling asleep with him in my arms or even when he’s in our bed. All the co-sleepers I’ve found before were outstandingly uncomfortable. They either took a huge space or were simply unsafe.

DockAtot comes as a perfect solution.

  • It’s safe!
  • It’s comfortable for both, a mom and a child. (and dad. As it leaves him some space)
  • And easily washable! Yes, this last criteria is important when you have an infant in your house!

2. If you are transitioning your kiddo from crib to toddler bed

It’s a hard thing. When your child is used to have some borders and all of a sudden it’s not that cosy anymore. They do feel confused.

Our son couldn’t really calm down. He was too excited about his new accommodation. And even if we managed to put him to sleep, he was very active during his sleep. I was simply afraid he’ll going to fall off the bed in his sleep.

DockAtot feels like his little cosy crib. He loves it.

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3. If you’re done with co-sleeping

Ok. So you’re not breastfeeding anymore. Your child is old enough to sleep in his own bed. And you even got him one. The one he loved. You packed it with his favourite toys and used just about every trick you had. And it’s still not working.

Now here comes the perfect solution.

Kids feel lonely and cold alone in their new beds. And what they really need is to feel cosy and secure. I don’t really know how it works, but DockAtot just does this magic. Kids actually love it! And they actually fall asleep on their own.

P.S. And the last, but not the least reason to get the DockAtot is – if you travel a lot.

Forget about finding cribs in Hotels, struggling with pillow castles for co-sleeping and stressing out about nap schedules. DockTot will work as a crib on a floor, on any bed or even in a park.

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Sounds awesome, right?


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