3 easy tips to baby proof your home

Once your baby starts crawling and becomes mobile, your home has to change.

First of all keep in mind – they are fast! Really fast. It takes seconds to get from staying in safe living room to playing with toilet brush. SECONDS!

Here are some useful tips from MadMama’s family.

Tip #1. Try to see everything with your baby’s eyes.

Therefor kneel on the floor.

– Shoes and cords will end up in baby’s mouth. Find a way to hide them. Use a gate to isolate hallway.

– Cleaning detergents with can i buy cipro at cvs their colorful packing will attract your baby. First and foremost replace them with natural detergents. Then hide them.

– Use door stoppers.

Tip #2. Try to foresee and prevent.

Even if your baby can’t pul himself up yet. But he will very soon. Believe me, you’ll have enough concerns later, so just do as much as you can in advance.

– Attach corner and edge guards.

– Place tall lamps behind furniture.

– Secure flat TV’s, tall bookcases and everything that can fall to the wall.

– Use plastic outlet caps and

Tip #3. Relax and don’t panic.

I know. You have to change you life, your home, your pace of life. It’s stressful. But baby proofing your house is really not a big deal. You’ll handle it.

It seems like there are thousands of threats in your apartment. But it’s not that bad.

There are a lot of baby-proofing guides online, that give you a full list of what has to be done.

Just don’t overdo it.


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