3 back to school must haves

The summer is almost over.

This means: bye bye, summer camps; hello messy mornings, sleepless nights, parent meetings and after school activities. ?

What we all need – is anything that makes the transition between relaxing childfree summer and intense first month of school – at least a little bit better.

We made a selection of a few products that seems like have been made specially for mommies.

1. Sweet Earth Food

These guys, are some kind of lifesavers.

Those International burritos – are not just good. They are amazing!

  • organic
  • non GMO
  • plant based proteins
  • Vegetarian
  • Nutritious
  • reach flavour

And on top of all – it’s fast! Organic healthy fast junk food! Is there anything better?

These little guys can save you a few hours in the kitchen. And that is why they are priceless!

2. COCOKIND BABY Organic Moisture Stick

No more booboo! Super natural, organic and simply perfect! Helps to heel and prevents dryness. Safe for babies. Can even be eaten. What? You never know!

Especially when you have a little girl, who loves to put on your lipstick, just because she loves eating it. Here we go! Problem solved) Just make sure you buy enough ?

3. Guzzie+Guss Perch table-chair

What can I say! It’s a keeper!

So long, bulky highchairs! Hello, little miracle! And on top of everything – it’s portable.

What can I add?


Main photo credit farrahnotsarah

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