25 phrases to help communicate with your child

25 phrases to help communicate with your child

Tantrums and inadequate behavior are, actually, results of fatal miscommunication. Sometimes, we just seem to forget, that kids, are kids. Those little humans, do not always understand what we say and what we want of them.

Shocking right? 

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Kids really speak different language. Less complicated. More emotionally oriented. They live in different reality. Where everything seems to be really simple. Even though, we were all kids, we seem to have forgotten everything about our childhood.

That is why, we decided to make a sort of vocabulary, that you should use to communicate with you little rug rats.

25 phrases to help you to communicate with your child


  • Please let’s speak softly” instead of “Stop yelling”

  • Please be carefulinstead of “You are going to fall”

  • We have plenty of time” instead of “Not so fast”

  • Hear me please” instead of “Who am I talking to?!”

  • Let’s find a solution, that will satisfy both of us” instead of “I don’t know how to talk to you anymore”

  • Hear me please” instead of ” Are you deaf?!”

  • Pay attention to …” instead of “are you blind?!”

  • Think about what you just did” instead of “Aren’t you ashamed?”

  • We don’t talk like that” instead of “How dare you talk like this?”

  • Draw conclusions from this situation and try not to so the same mistake” instead of “I told you!”

  • Try it, you will never know if you won’t try” instead of “You are not going to make it!”

  • Let’s think together” instead of “I don’t know!”

  • Can you please explain me once again” instead of “I do not understand you!”

  • That is your opinion” instead of “You are wrong!”

  • I just expressed my opinion and it’s not going to change” instead of “I said NO!”

  • Because your parents made this decision” instead “Because I said so!”

  • Sweets – for dessert” instead of “NO candies!”

  • I’m not ready to walkabout it now. Let’s talk about it after dinner/tomorrow/in the morning…” instead of “If only you knew how tired I am of this!”

  • It’s time to go to bed/for dinner” instead of “Do you know what time is it?!”

  • I understand that you are tired, we all are” instead of “And I’m not tired?!”

  • Can you please go play a little. I’m going to finish here and we’ll do something exciting together!” instead of “You are distracting me!”

  • I was unpleasantly surprised by your actions” instead of “Are you crazy?”

  • It’s very important for me, that you say the truth. Otherwise, I won’t be able to trust you” instead of “Why are you lying again?”

  • I understand that this is important for you, let’s find a solution together” instead of “Stop crying because of this silly things!”

    And the most important thing:

LOVE YOUR KIDS! The only simple thing they understand – is your LOVE!

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