2 fabulous reasons for dads to spend time with their baby boys

2 fabulous reasons for dads to spend time with their baby boys

It’s a hard challenge for a man to spend time with his baby boy son. Why? Well, mostly because they don’t have any kind of unconditional love (as we already talked here).

But, dads, buckle up and dare to babysit your boys! Because it’s more than rewarding! Who knows, your son’s first word might be “daddy”. ;) Quite a reason, huh?

You know what? Men even very young (or rather little) need to spend some time with their kind.

How did I get it?

Quite easy.

Sometimes Avi starts crying for no apparent cause. But we know, that babies don’t really cry without any reason, right?

It was one of those sad and cranky mornings. Daddy came into the buy ambien canada room. He started talking with his serious voice. Picked the baby up with his strong hands. And then a miracle happened.

It’s just that boys have to have their time. Without girls and all that touchy feely stuff. Sounds reasonable to me. Where else a boy will learn to be a man, rather than from another man?

So, mommys, don’t hesitate! When your baby boy next time starts to cry, just give him to his dad.

And as a good bonus for mothers, you get free hands and free time. Isn’t it just fabulous? Well, actually, you might be asked to cook/bake/bring/take… just run out of the house! really! I mean it! 


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