2 convincing reasons to have children!

Here are 2 reasons why having children – makes your life easier.

They teach us more harmonic and balanced pace of life. But we have to be patient enough to learn.

Reason number one.

They see things clearly.
There was an experiment, in which children were shown few photos of women, who are considered «beautiful» and among them an ordinary photo of their mothers. They were asked to pick the most beautiful photo. Every child without any second thoughts picked a photo of his mother.

Reason number two.

My friend’s son Nathan hated hugs. But he is so cute, that every time I met him, I hugged him anyway. He used to run away and hide from me. And one day I just stopped chasing him. So he came up to me and asked why I don’t want to hug him anymore. Children show us, how surrounding someone with love, changes him way more effective than restrictions and punishment.

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