15 adorable babies that will make you awww

Sometimes all we need in the middle of the hard and exhausting week – is just a little bit of sweetness. And some cuteness. And a little bit of AWWWWWWW…

Thus, we decided to bring you some love.

15 adorable babies that will make you awww

1. Well, we know why they look so adorable when they sleep.

2. It’s because in that moment they can’t cry…

3. And every smile is worth all those sleepless nights…

4. You remember that song? “I’m sexy and I know it…”

5. One handsome man alert!

6. “Really?”

7. Pink bunny princess! ?

8. Beach queen, that by the way needs your votes for some contest.

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9. This lovely little indian

10. Precious chunky cheeks!

11. When you feel like you’re having a bad day…

12. It’s my party!

13. So long, mommy! I’m in for the adventure!

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14. Oh! Baby!

15. Talking about walking in mom’s shoes?

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