10 things every parent should say to his child

How often you say something pleasant, encouraging or just nice to your child? Not that often, right? We never pay enough attention to words. Being super busy during the day, the best we can do is: “how are you”. But those are so cliché. We say those words automatically to a mailman or cashier. We think, we can do better.

Children perceive reality through their family members reaction. Including words. Especially words.

They say: many words hurt more than swords. And that is true. But we know, how hard and exhausting parenting is. Sometimes we say things, we never meant to say.

Thus, we’ve buy generic xanax online australia made a list of things, that you definitely have to say to your children to show your love.

Things, that you have to say to your child. Often! Very often!

  1.  “I love you!”
  2.  “I love you no matter what”
  3.  “I love you even when you are mad at me”
  4.  “I love you even when I’m mad at you”
  5.  The story of his birth (adoption)
  6.  The story of his name
  7.  About yourself at his age
  8.  “I understand you”
  9.  “You are going to succeed”
  10.  “I trust you”

Though, it seem so unimportant it helps your child to feel needed, significant, loved and of course – happy.

Happy children equals happy parents! We know this formula 🙂

10 things to say to your children

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