10 qualities your future husband should possess

I was just scrolling my Facebook the other day, when I stumbled across an article abut 10 qualities you future husband has to possess. It was typical and boring useless stuff like: intelligence, generosity and blah blah blah.

Somehow I ended up with a thought to make my own list of qualities.
So, lets ring the curtain up.
What qualities your husband REALLY should possess. 
  • Tolerance and endurance. Why not intelligence and generosity in the first place? I’ll tell you why! Because generosity won’t help you with constantly changing mood of pregnant woman. And it’s doesn’t matter how intelligent the man is when it comes to sleepless nights, while teething, colics and so on.
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  • Funny bone. If you want to have kids, sense of humor is obligatory.
  • Constancy! Because you have to be quite persistent if you want to feed 8 month old baby!           avi


  • Dexterity. For, he has to be able to find his dinner in the fridge.
  • Strength. To close closet doors and put the dishes into the dishwasher.
  • Providence. Not to throw his dirty socks on the floor. Cause somebody will crawl and have a bite.
  • Generosity. Family is not ME, but WE. And there is a high possibility that tiny chocolate you lay up in lavender is already eaten.
  • Understanding. That somewhere there is a better option than Chinese food for dinner with kids.
  • Honesty! If something is broken, it’s a bad idea to hide it under the carpet.
  • Intelligence. So if he sees a piece of pie on the sofa he would know what to do.

If somewhere you’ll find a man with all listed qualities…

Grab him fast!!!

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