10 most popular baby names in 2016

Name plays crucial role in every person’s life. It’s needless to say, that the meaning of the name you are choosing for your baby is very important.

Thus, you can never go wrong with Sophia and Victoria :)

But let’s take a closer look at this year’s top 10 baby names and their meanings.


1. Emma

The origin of this name is German. It’s meaning is very powerful. Emma means “Whole” or “Universal”.

Thus, you can expect your little girl to be extremely independent and easy going.

2. Olivia

Beautiful and elegant Greek name. It comes from masculine name Oliver, meaning “Olive tree”. No wisdom or devotion to God, but it was the olive leaf that the dove brought to Noah, after all.

3. Sophia

This is been among the top 10 popular names in the world for a while now. Well it’s probably because of it’s meaning. Sophia means  “Wisdom” in greek. We all want our little girls to be wise. Smart choice.

4. Isabella

Even though it sounds so Italian, it actually is Hebrew. Yes, yes. It’s hard to believe, especially after Bella buy arimidex online Swan made it even more italian. And the meaning is “Devoted to God”.

5. Ava

Might be a short variation of Hebrew name Avital meaning  “Father of dew”. The name Avital is, actually unisex. It also might be some variation of Eve. Or Latin Avis, meaning “Bird”.


1. Liam

Shorter version of Irish name Uilliam, meaning “Strong-willed warrior”. Great name! You kind of feel already protected, when you just read it.

2. Noah

This biblical name has Hebrew origins. The meaning is “Rest, comfort”. One of our fav names. Just imagine, who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by comfort?

3. Mason

It comes from an English surname meaning “Stoneworker”. Or from an old French word “Macian”, meaning “to make”.

4. Ethan

One more Hebrew name, with extremely wonderful boyish meaning. “Strong”, “Safe”. Something tells me, that these generation of men will be incredible!

5. Lucas

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A modern form of Latin Luke or Lucius. Meaning “Light-giving” or “illumination”.

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