10 baby Items I will never buy again


So if you’re to believe the people at BabiesRus or the countless magazine articles on the subject of baby gear, your head will spin. But do you really need all that stuff? I say no. Here are 10 things I definitely would not buy the next time around.

1. Wipes Warmer – Ok, these things are just silly. Are we trying to create high maintenance babies? Your baby can handle a cold wipe. Frankly, it probably feels good.

2. Boppy. Nursing a baby takes a lot of hands-on in the beginning and it is nice to have something tool them up, but anyhow will do. Boppies are just not that great of a solution. I spent more time adjusting my Boppy than using it. It was bulky, huge to take places, and just not that much better than a bed pillow. So, I would just say no to the Boppy.

3. Toddler Bed – Kids fit in toddler beds for literally twenty seconds, at least it seems that quick. Save yourself the money and put them straight into a twin bed. Worried about the height? Just put the mattress on the floor. Works like a charm.

4. Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator – I thought this thing was cool until I realized it only works good like three times. Opt for a Nose Frida instead! Those things are lifesavers for sucking out little noses.

5. Tiny Shoes – They are cute for pictures. But seriously, babies can’t walk, they doesn’t need shoes. They buy xanax xr 3mg hate shoes. They scream every time you put on said shoes. Skip the shoes. I know I would.

6. Diaper Genie – These things are expensive, the refills are expensive, and you can do the same thing with your old plastic shopping bags. I store mine in an old wipe box, pull one out, tie up the diaper, put it in the trash. Voila!

7. Nursing Cover – Okay, first of all, nursing is not obscene and really needs no cover up at all. If you feel the need, a light muslin blanket will do the trick as well as or better than a nursing cover.

8. Shopping Cart Cover – I tuck a blanket around my babies and clean the handle they love to chew on. No bulky shopping cart cover needed.

9. Unagjustable baby carrier – baby wearing rocks but I found generic non-adjustable slings to be sooooo hard on my shoulders. Invest in a woven wrap or a ring sling or Ergo baby and you won’t be sorry.

10. All The parenting Baby Books. Yep. All of them. These books stressed me out. They worried me about being a bad mother, about having an abnormal baby, and destroyed my confidence in my own parental instincts. If I need advice about parenting, I will ask my mommy friends or post it here on MadMamaNYC.

So save yourself some money and cross these items off of your list. I am confident you won’t regret it. I know I won’t!

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