Winter family car

A digital tire pressure gauge should be a part of your extreme cold weather kit

The winter may have had a slow start in many parts of the country but, now that it is well underway, it is important to have the right strategy and equipment to deal with extreme cold weather. This means that you will likely be heading online to shop for the right tools, such as a very good quality digital tire pressure gauge, at the best prices.

Of course, even before you start thinking about your car, the first thing that should be crossing your mind is to make sure you and your family members are properly dressed. A good coat and pair of boots are critical to staying warm and avoiding falls. Covering hands and the head – particularly delicate areas such as the ears – is also vital to avoiding frostbite.

Next, your pets also need consideration. In extremely cold weather, the odds are that cats, dogs, and other furry family members will need to stay inside as much as possible. Animals that absolutely must stay outside should have a draft-free, dry shelter to use. Use straw for added warmth and padding and avoid the inclination to use blankets. Blankets in an outdoor shelter are moisture magnets and could lead to freezing, respiratory issues, and other health problems.

Now, you can have a look at your car. One major consideration is your battery. The wind chill can impact your car’s battery, so it is best to park it where there won’t be gusts on the front of the vehicle, if possible. Give your vehicle a good all-around inspection, on a regular basis. This should include topping up the fluids and making sure your tire inflation is where it should be.

Use a digital tire pressure gauge for the best accuracy. Keep it handy so you can perform this check often, as fluctuations in even a few degrees of temperature can cause your inflation to drop by a pound.

While you may be tempted to use one of the old-fashioned type of tire pressure gauges that allow you to obtain a reading from a stick that is blown out of the gauge by the pressure from your tire, these devices don’t offer the same precision as their newer digital cousins. When you consider that every pound of difference in your inflation will change the handling of your vehicle when on icy and snowy surfaces, it might be worthwhile to know the true reading from your tires instead of having to take an unnecessary risk.

Remember to use your digital tire pressure gauge regularly, at least every couple of weeks throughout the winter, or when there is a dramatic change in temperature.

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