Why laughter is better than coffee

Why laughter is better than coffee

Did you know that we have the ability to laugh since the very first moment of our life?

Let’s see how can we use it.

Laughter is good for our bodies:

– it decreases stress hormones. Like sex

– increases immune system

– triggers production of endorphins (happiness hormone). Like chocolate, but no calories.

– increases blood flow and makes our vessels work. This will make your brain work faster and help you to wake up. Like coffee, but no caffeine.

– helps to relax. Coffee definitely can’t do that!

It improves overall health buy ventolin online condition and rises your muscle tone.

And it’s just fun!

Also when you laugh you can’t be angry, anxious or sad.

And it’s a nice way to improve your relationship. Humor allow you to change perspective and see everything in less threatening light. When we laugh together we create our common territory, which helps to avoid argument and disagreement.

There is a special sort of yoga in India. It’s called laughter yoga. 

People gather in the morning and start exercising by pronouncing: “ha-ha-ha” until the real laugh begins. It’s very contagious!

Nice alternative to morning coffee, right? )



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