“Why din’t he call me back” or “is he freaking dead?”


That’s the the question that every girl had asked herself at least once in her lifetime.

You didn’t? Well, stop reading and text me immediately

Like now.

Is he too busy? May be his phone died?


Or maybe he lost his phone!


Or there was a terrible accident and there is memory loss situation involved and stuff like that.


Or what if he is a secret agent under cover?


I’m sorry ladies. this Bond is the only Bond I could bond with

He might have a dyslexia and he just can’t read your name and phone number you wrote on that napkin and handed him.

The possibility is slight.

Like seeing UFO on Times Square.

Most likely. He is just NOT THAT INTO YOU!

Shocking, huh?

I didn’t invent this. I swear.

I just asked around. Asked some men.

I don’t think that there is a polite way to say: Hey I don’t like you! So I kind of start to distance myself. And it works.

Andrew 22


Yeah. I guess it means, that I’m not impressed. Why waste time? Most of the women of my age are kind of family oriented. And I’m just not. Not yet

Matt 39


You know, we are all busy here. Like, it’s not that I’m not interested. But if I would be really interested I would have called. It’s just that I don;t have time for romance. Nothing personal.

Al 33


Would it be better if I called or texted something like: sorry I don’t feel that way for you? Seriously? I don’t think so. It’s better to disappear.

John 24


As guys asked not to tag them on social media, we can’t really clarify the answers.

But I think it’s pretty obvious, that we have a different perception and understanding of the situation.

Main photo credit Dahan Remy

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