White Hot Winter

Although summer is coming to an end, winter whites are just around the corner.

You are probably thinking, “As a mother to three boys there is no way I can wear white”.

But that is so not the case!

Be a mom that wears white. Other moms are sure to admire your audacity and pretty soon you will be hearing things like “I don’t know how she does it!”

Again, blush inside because other moms are admiring you, even if it’s just for your style today, a compliment is a compliment. ? 

Wearing white is always in style and there are no real rules in fashion so you’re not breaking any laws or anything. I would know, I was a paralegal in NYC for 5 years ?

Let’s start bottom up.

Shoes are your call, with white anything goes. I particularly like Keds brand sneakers and they come in so many colours/types. Now you can either wear a cream coloured skirt, capris, or jeans and a white top or vice versa. That means either white bottoms and a cream top. Play around with your wardrobe and see what your options are.

All white (and cream) outfits always look chic and sophisticated, not to mention super modern. Especially on women of colour white looks phenomenal. So please don’t be scared of getting it stained, and how bad can it be?

Ok, ok… if it’s bad here is a trick: Take a cream/white cardigan and through it over your shoulders à la Gigi Hadid. Very supermodel chic- get it??


Photo credit stealthelook.com

This way if you stain your pants you tie the cardigan around your waist to cover/distract from the stain. And if you get a spill on your top part (hopefully the cardigan soaked up most of it) take the cardigan and still tie it around your waist, but reverse it so the stain is facing inward. Easy enough and super chic.

I also love Tide To Go pens and I always have one in my purse. They work miracles and I promise you no matter how big the stain please use the pen and watch it disappear instantly. The pen is safe on silk and wool so you have nothing to lose.

Now for the finishing touches!

No matter the season, the sun is always out, so to top off your all white look throw on a pair of shades and feel uber cool. This look doesn’t require makeup or perfect hair, you can throw your hair in a pony or messy bun and still look put together! Throw on some gloss and voila you look amazing. With this look you will be able to run around NYC all day effortlessly and maybe even turn some heads ?

New York is your playground (and your kids’ playground) literally, so have fun and enjoy it!




Main photo credit www.harpersbazaar.com

About the author

Samantha Lease is a style expert who resides between Houston/NYC/NJ. She associates herself and her style with that of New York, as she has lived in the City for over 10 years before her recent stint in Houston. Coming home at least once a month and staying current with all things NYC 24/7, she is totally in touch with everything Manhattan has to offer, especially the fashion. Follow her Instagram page here: @incessantlyXchic