Well rounded! Bikinis for moms to be


Pregnancy is a magical period or every mom’s life. Even though it’s definitely lovely, it’s far from perfectly comfortable. Our bodies change. In every possible way. Thus, not every woman feels perfectly comfortable showing off her new body. But summer is coming. Beach season is inevitable.

You should definitely remember about a sunscreen, a hat and an umbrella.

And don’t worry about bikinis, we got you covered.

One piece

Timeless classic. And you probably already have one deep in your closet. But you might consider a bigger size. Unless you want it to become a loincloth. 

High waist

If you are not happy about showing you belly to the whole Coney Island (let’s face it. that is exactly where you’ll be catching sun), yet you still want to expose certain parts of your body to the sun – high waist bottoms are one of your best options.

Color blocking

Using color blocking might help you to hide some unexpectedly huge parts of your body.

Make an accent

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Instead of hiding it, let’s be proud of it. After all, you carry this 15-ish pound belly everywhere. The least you can do is brag about it.

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