Ultimate pregnancy gear list

Every pregnancy seems to be different. But there are just a few things that are inevitable. You can still hope, that you’re going to skip on all the uncomfortable stuff, or buckle up and get prepared.

From our own experience that is a short list of unfairly forgotten things, that might (and will) make those 9 months significantly happier.

1. Maternity belt

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You can choose from a variety of brands and stroll through countless reviews. First of all you have to understand why do you need it at all.

  • lower back support
  • prevent overstitching of abdomen muscles and skin
  • prevent stretch marks

Sounds fantastic, huh? But it actually works.

2. Foot support

Yeah, ok. I don’t want to freak you out, but your feet are going to grow. Some say they become up to 2 sizes bigger. While doctors say that it’s not about growing at all. It’s all about the weight our body gains during pregnancy. Our feet are simply not used to carry that kind of weight. So they kind of become more wide. To prevent this, you’ll need extra support. Compression socks will do an amazing job. Just make sure you’re buying the right size.

3. A few tennis balls

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To stop your crazy imagination right there, I’ll just reveal the secret of the tennis balls. They are incredibly good for reducing back tension. Just throw them into your bathtub and lie on top of them. Just be really careful.

4. Total body pillow

Yes, you need it. No, you can’t use your significant other as a pillow. Just trust me on this and buy this incredible thing! Later, you’ll use it as a nursing pillow, which is a dramatic help. It is actually so comfy, that you’ll be using it for a while after you give birth.

5. Birth ball

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We honestly don’t know what they call it the birth ball. It’s more like a chair ball for pregnant women. You especially need it if your job involves a lot of sitting. Sitting on a hard surface may cause a lot of troubles. While a birth ball is all you can dream of.

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