Ultimate guide on best sun protection for your kids

Summer is already here. And it’s finally time to talk about sunscreens.

Summers in New York are just unbearably hot. The sun is merciless.

And I think I don’t have to mention how sun can damage your skin. With countless researches stating that too much sun can even cause skin cancer.

Protecting our skin is crucially important. Especially for gentle skin of our babies.

Did you know that Sunscreen and Sunblock aren’t actually synonyms?


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, sunscreens are chemicals that “protect your skin by absorbing and/or reflecting UVA and UVB rays.” On the other hand, sunblock is made of physical or inorganic ingredients that actually block, reflect, and scatter the sun’s rays.

Best sunscreen for kids

Sticks, sprays, creams? How to navigate through all this astonishing variety that our overwhelmed market offers?

It can be confusing, that’s why we’re here for you.

We carefully selected and tested over 10 brands of all natural and organic sunscreens and made a list of best of the best!

But first things first.

What type of sun protection suits your kid better.


What criteria should you keep in mind when choosing a sunscreen?

1. Age

Infants under 6 month of age. Doctors recommend to use physical barriers. Like SPF clothing, umbrellas, tents, etc.

A tent. That’s what my grandma said. Just keep the kid in the shade. But we now know, that not every tent can provide enough protection. And not every sun tent is easy to set up fast.

When looking to purchase a sun tent, make sure it providesBroad Spectrum protection. Including both UVA and UVB rays.

6 months – 1 year. Physical barrier is still a preferable choice. So we’ll start with SPF clothing.

There are plenty of solutions on the market. Brands like Cabana Life offer a wide range of cute outfits for little boys and girls as well as their mommies.

Why I pointed out this particular brand? Simply because, if you decide you can easily wear some of the Cabana Life creations as your everyday clothes. Which is a huge plus if you’re aiming for extra protection.

Though, there is nothing better than physical barrier to protect you kids’ tender skin from harmful effect of the sun. Just remember, that you will still have to apply sunscreen to all the exposed areas.

best sunscreen for kids

How about some adorable mathchy-matchy?

best sunscreen for kidsbest sunscreen for kids

1 year and up. As your child grows it’s getting harder and harder to keep him in one place. Tents are not enough and SPF clothing still has some gaps. That’s why you need to provide some additional protection.

Here is where buy plavix online creams, sprays and lotions come in handy.

2. Activity

Sports and water. 

First of all, there are certain rules of application.

  • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes BEFORE sun exposure. Don’t wait until you’re outside to apply it.
  • Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours

Thus, choose a water resistant sunscreen if you’re planning a beach getaway. And reapply sunscreen immediately after your kid is out of water. And don’t forget, that sunscreens are only “water resistant” until they’re not. Yep. It’s not an instant effect. So read the label and act accordingly.

Beach volleyball or any other activity that involves a lot of sweating calls for water resistant sunscreen too.

If you’re planning to chill in the shad you can opt for a simple and light sunscreen.


Finally, when we clarified all the important things you need to consider when choosing a sun protection, we can move forward to our 

Top 5 sunscreens suitable for kids

1. babo Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30

This one is my fav. First of all because, it’s the first non-nano Zinc Oxide based sunscreen that is NOT sticky at all. isn’s that just lovely? Plus it’s 80 minutes water and sweat resistant.

We loved testing it the most)

2. babo Super Shield Sport Stick Sunscreen SPF 50

best sunscreen for kids

Before you ask. Yep, we love this brand.

The stick is incredibly easy to use. It’s extremely easy to apply. And it’s 80 minutes water and sweat resistant. It contains shea butter, so it’s also moisturising. It’s not sticky, but you can feel it on your skin like a good moisturising cream.

3. Babyganics mineral-based sunscreen spray, 50+spf

best sunscreen for kids

Another one non-nano Zinc Oxide based spray. It’s quite easy to apply. 80 minutes water resistant.

What’s special about it? It has a special natural ceed oil blend. Tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, sunflower seed oil, black cumin seed oil and raspberry seed oil. So it’s not just a sunscreen. It’s a skin care product too.


best sunscreen for kids

Very creamy formula based on non-nano Zinc Oxide, Shea Butter and a blend of essential oils. Water resistant up to 80 minutes.

The simplest form of application. Not sticky, doesn’t leave a white finish.

5. Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

best sunscreen for kids

Based on non-nano Zinc Oxide (duh…) and a soothing blend of Calendula and chamomile. Yes, a little bit sticky a few minutes after application. But one of the few that are biodegradable and safe for coral reefs and other ecosystems. With 98% organic ingredients.

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Leo Rivas-Micoud

Wear a hat, drink lots of water and stay safe, mommies!

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