Top 5 most dangerous diets that can kill you

Top 5 most dangerous diets, that can kill you

Trends today are a bit crazy. Well, you probably noticed that?

No?  Just a quick look at Angelina’s transformation.


2004 VS 2016

Today’s trend is to starve.

I know I know. Saying that younger and bigger Angelina was sexier won’t help.


So since you are going to diet anyway, at least do it the healthy way.

Top 5 most dangerous diets, that can and most likely will seriously damage your health.

1. Tapeworm diet

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This diet got popular in the beginning of 20-th century.

How it works:

People cultivate tapeworms inside their stomach, by ingesting a pill with a tapeworm cyst. Basically, you just get a pretty pet. That will feed on everything you eat and grow inside your body. When the goal body weight is reached, antiparasite pill is used. It seems easy and even efficient. Until you get to know, how dangerous tapeworms are. Starting with nutrition efficiency, that will inevitably develop and ending with the weight you’ll gain back after the procedure.


2. Sleeping-Beauty Diet


Basically you just drug yourself to sleep. Instead of eating. And you wake up 3 days xanax online nz later slimmer.

Should I say how bad and dangerous this is?

3. The Master Cleanse



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Developed by Stanley Buroughs. The Master Cleanse is a popular diet that became extremely popular among celebrities. It requires to consume nothing but special lemonade, made of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for 10 to 40 days. May lead to dangerius blood-sugar levels, vitamin deficiencies, and loss of muscle tissue.

4. The cigarette diet

top 5 diets that can kill you
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You can ask any smoker, that have been trying to quit. If you stop smoking, you really start gaining weight. They say it is mostly psychological. Smokers use smoking instead of snacking. Which helps to loose weight. But can lead to lung cancer.

5. The Drinking Man’s Diet


This is the most fun diet I’ve ever heard of. It originally was invented in 1087 by William the Conqueror. He simply started drinking alcohol instead of eating solid food. Today’s version is more fun. You just drink martini’s before lunch and eat steaks for dinner. And loose weight. Too bad it can make you to become an alcoholic instead of becoming a fashion diva.

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