Top 5 laundry detergents and 1 unexpected stain removing solution

Here in MadMamaNYC we continue to test everything you ask us to. In order to find the best and cheapest and most ecological an natural way for you to do everything.

Today we’re going to present our Top 5 laundry detergents. That obviously we tried, tested and loved.

And as a bonus we are going to share a little secret stain removing solution you would never guessed a lot of moms use.

1. Good Natured Brand Laundry Soda.

Well first of all its all natural and eco friendly. But on top of all that it actually works pretty well. Unlike most of the natural stuff on the market. Good on tough baby stains as well as grass stains and even greasy stains. Though it does work better when used with higher temperature.

The smell is lovely. And one more point for the fact that laundry comes out soft as a feather.

$11 per 52 loads

3 out of 5 moms have given this product a 5 star review, putting it on the top of our list instantly.

2. Biokleen

If you look on the back of the bottle of Biokleen, you’ll see that the list of ingredients is quite long and a little bit scary. But no fear, girls. We asked. All the sneaky stuff is actually natural. Plant based surfactants deprived from corn and coconut. Safe, natural and eco-friendly.

Works incredibly good even in cold water. It’s absolutely fragrance free. That is probably why our mom’s rated it a little lower than Good Natured Brand.

$22.94 per 300 loads

Which makes it the cheapest on our list.

3. Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

This detergent is very much alike to the number one in our list. With just 5 all natural ingredients. Scented by essential oils.

Works pretty good in hot water. Fights pretty much all type of stains. But, according to our mom experts it didn’t work too good with cloths diapers. Even tough it fought the stains, Molly’s suds failed  to fight the smell.

On the other hand it’s reported to be extremely friendly for skin with eczema. Which is a plus.

$21.79 per 120 loads

4. Rockin Green Laundry Detergent Classic Rock Unscented

This detergent contains bio-degradable surfactants, origin of which we couldn’t really determine. That’s why it didn’t really made it to the top of our list.

Works amazing with cloths diapers, fighting both stains and door. However, you’ll just simply need to put more detergent per load.

$19.95 per up to 90 loads (honestly 60 loads)

5. Babyganics 3X Baby Laundry Detergent, Fragrance Free

Somehow this very popular laundry detergent ended up being the last on our list. The last but not the least, I might note.

Some of the concerns that our mom testers had are about toxic ingredients. SODIUM BORATE, ANHYDROUS.

However, the customer support of Babyganics is incredibly friendly and transparent.

We contacted them directly and got an answer.

This ingredient in low levels is used as an enzyme stabilizer. In other words, sodium borate keeps the enzymes (protease and amylase) stable so that they can work properly at their job, which is to help remove soil from clothing.

And we must note that it does work like a charm. Cold or hot water. Doors and soils are eliminated completely.

$14.99 per 60 loads


An unexpected and yet very powerful stain solution idea, we got from one pot our readers!

Combine 1 dishwasher tablet with your regular washing detergent and 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

Use as you would typically use your washing detergent. And prepare to be dazzled

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