The real real reason why coffee makes you sleepy

Have you ever noticed, that 20 minutes after you had a nice cup of espresso you suddenly start to feel sleepy? Or even right after a cup of instant coffee?

Yesterday just heard it from my friend: “Oh! I’m so unique! Coffee makes me feel sleepy!”

Well, hate to disappoint her, because she really is unique, but coffee makes all of us sleepy.

Let me explain how it works.

Coffee bean contains nonvolatile alkaloids, most common known of them is caffeine. But less known, though not the least important is theobromine.

Coffee been consists of 2 membranes. The outer membrane has a high level of caffeine in it. But outer membrane is usually removed for energy drinks and medical needs. And all whats left goes for instant coffee and coffee flavor. Thus, if you drink instant coffee for Decaff all you get is mostly the second membrane which consists of theobromine.

What’s theobromine and how does it work.

We all know how caffeine works, right? But let me refresh our memory a bit. Caffeine cases blood vessels in all our body to constrict. Except kidneys. That’s why it has an urinative effect. But these cheer up effect lasts only for 20 minutes.

What happens next? Theobromine starts to affect our body. Unlike caffeine theobromine does the opposite. It dilates blood vessels all over our body except those in kidneys. Making us sleepy. Really sleepy. And this effect can last up to 2 hours.

I love coffee and can’t imagine my life without drinking it. Though, I’m thinking about giving up drinking coffee.


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