The Rainbow Root Trend: yay? Or nay?

The Rainbow Root Trend: yay? Or nay?

Rainbow Roots – a trend started by Lottie Tomlinson, lil’ sis of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, surfaced last December to much fanfare, but is it here to stay and if so, do we love it or hate it?

First of all, what are Rainbow Roots? Well, we’ve seen ombre hair which was such a hot trend and it still is with us, then we saw other derivatives of it such as sand art, colombre, pixelated dyed hair…Commence googling! Now that you’re back, Rainbow Roots are blocks of color applied in rainbow configuration (ROYGBIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) to the roots of platinum bleached hair. The roots are allowed to show through a bit and then the hue is applied to the unbleached hair. After it sets and washes buy viagra online through, it leaves a pleasing splash of surprise color and then it starts to become subtler highlights.

Or you can do some serious undercoloring that can only be seen when you pull back your hair.

Who knows what you do after you’ve done your Rainbow Roots? Maybe you enjoy the highlights and then start experimenting with more color throughout your platinum hair, or you proceed to bleach back the roots to go back to your full platinum mane.

Whatever you do, platinum hair is a great canvas for color experimentation.

I’m going to pass on this trend, but in a wig? Sure! Would be super fun for a night out.

Final verdict: nay for a Madmama, but might be just what you’re looking for in your next appointment with your colorist!

Main photo credit styleteasdale

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