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Okay, Ladies …

Labor Day is behind us and with that said it is the unofficial, but basically, end of Summer. But before you take one last look over your summer clothes, do so with a careful eye and a vision in mind: Make Your Old Clothes Your New Beach Wear

I always struggled with finding the perfect “cover-up” for those last minute beach vacations, and found many, at the time, to be a little too tacky (sorry Bloomingdales). But at last  I came to the realization that many of the clothes I planned on donating after the Summer months could actually double as super chic beachwear.

For example, that long sleeved silk shirt you have that is totally sheer and you are tired of always wearing a cami under it, or just the fact that you actually never wore it .. maybe it is better suited for the beach? I like to wear mine unbuttoned over my bikini and shorts, or half buttoned down over a one piece. It takes off the chill and looks chic at the same time. 

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The same goes for dresses that you bought but never wore out. You know they are cute, but not cute enough. We all have them and probably even several. So don’t go out and buy some stupid beach cover-up thing that you probably won’t even like by the time summer comes around again, but rather retire your old dresses as your new cover-ups.

I have some dresses that were once super white and delicate and now that they are not in pristine enough condition to wear out formally, I use them for the beach, pool dates with my girlfriends, casual boat rides, etc. Who cares if they get all sandy and disgusting? They are now for the aforementioned casual occasions.


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Don’t be caught like everyone else who is wearing their mumu type things (no offense to mumu’s they are super cute on your toddler). Go out and embrace your feminine side and show up chic in your silk, white, floral, literally anything but a ‘real’ cover-up. Even typing the word cover-up sounds so dated, bring some modernity to the occasion and you will be happy you did :)

So please, before throwing out that dress that you think is now useless, or that shirt you are never going to wear, put them in a separate drawer for when that last-minute beach packing occassion arises. When the time comes, whether it be this month, in a month, or next freaking year- you will be prepared and less stressed when a beach day is thrown your way. Not to mention, you are also going to look put together – even if you don’t always have it all together at least you can look like you do. And come on, that’s what really matters in life isn’t it? :P



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