The Importance of a Good Shoe

For every shoe obsessed girl, there is one who couldn’t care less. I used to think that all women were shoe lovers. But I should have known better or realized otherwise. I had friends, although not many, that loved a plain flip flop in the Summer and basically lived in them until their toes were freezing in the Fall.

This never appealed to me and I always wondered how someone could live in the same shoe almost year round.

Personally, I cannot stress the importances of a GOOD shoe. I don’t feel the need to list them all here, but at this stage in the game it is time to get your shoe collection in order.

Throw out any shoes that show signs of wear and any shoes that are uncomfortable. Quality over quantity- always.

You definitely need a good shoe for the office (and if you don’t work, you will find that these “office” shoes come in handy for other events; ie: lunch dates, parent-teacher meetings). Black and nude flats are perpetually appropriate and stylish staples. Save these pairs solely (no pun intended) for the office, as not to wear them out too much.

The above Coach flats are simple and chic, however they don’t exactly scream business. I think most of the time they will be fine for running around the office, just make sure to change into something more mature for any business meetings. Otherwise, they are ideal for in the office, running out to lunch, and wearing to and from work.

What exactly is a more mature looking flat? I like this nude one by Jimmy Choo.

I really think this nude color looks fabulous with a skirt. It also looks sophisticated with tailored black, navy, or gray dress pants. A nude is always versatile.

I adore this black patent flat by Gianvito Rossi. Very professional, very sexy.

Even the lowest of heels can be painful if they are pinching and rubbing. And honestly, my most painful shoes were my flats until I finally listened to my feet.

hint: buy the flats, wear them at home around the house, and if you feel even the slightest of pinching and rubbing, send them back immediately and wait for a pair that feels like slippers. Trust me on this one.

also note: splurge on the expensive shoes, they will last longer and look better most of the time. If you cannot right away, at least make it a priority to save for later. Sounds selfish and silly but invest in yourself, especially in the workplace. And there are plenty of cobblers in NY to fix them up after you scuffed and scrapped them up.

I also love a good kitten heel for the office. Same deal, black and nude, or navy goes with everything. Even if the heel is ½ an inch, it immediately elevates your look, and any heel 1” or lower is always manageable and dare I say comfy! The trick is to find shoes that are extremely well fitting and comfortable, NO rubbing in any ways.

And because Summer is coming, I love these Nina suede kitten heels. It’s never a good idea to wear open toed shoes to the office. These have a sling back which is fine because they are super sophisticated and the toes are fully covered. These are GREAT shoes for meetings. Trust me, on the foot these shoes are chic AF. Especially with tights.

And obviously a classic black pointy toe modest heel needs to make an appearance (and stay there) in your shoe collection. These Giorgio Armani patent leather pumps couldn’t be more perfect. These are year-round stunners.

Don’t confuse these ‘office’ shoes with your go-to running around shoes. Of course you can interchange them on occasion, but flats don’t have a long lifespan in general.  

Now .. for running those errands .. flats are still essentials. I particularly like a bolder flat for running errands, it doesn’t have to be as subdued as your ‘office’ flats. I also love sneakers for running errands. Duh. Sneakers as in chic sneakers, we’ve talked about this, not clunkers.

And here you can cheat. You don’t need to spend as much as your ‘office’ shoes. BUT still look for quality and still make an investment. It just doesn’t have to be a $500 investment.

I love this Cole Haan metallic loafer. I have a pair in suede and they feel like house slippers.

And don’t forget- Sneakers still need to be comfy, buy them for fit first, looks second, and don’t compromise. (I’ve learned this the hard way.)

Ugg makes sneakers now, and if they are anything like their originals UGGS, they ARE going to be comfy.

Okk, so I feel like this post is getting superr long, and I also feel like I could go on foreverr, and I feel it’s as if I just touched the tip of the iceberg here and that there is MUCH more to discuss about shoes.

Am I wrong?

I feel that there are so many shoes and occasions left out of this post. But I didn’t want to bore you with my shoe obsession.

My next post could be an extension of this one?

Until then,




main pic .. and don’t you think all the women in this main pic look super chic? (their outfits are PERFECT for the office) and their shoes are neutral perfection. They look like they are having fun, they are smiling (being a bitch was so last year). Now that is a girl gang I want to be a part of!

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