The High Life

Right now, and let’s be honest, most of the time, I’m into classic looks. By the way, classic in no way means boring. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states ‘classic’ as “serving as a standard for excellence, characterized by simple tailored lines in fashion year after year, and historically memorable.

I strongly believe that fit is always key and you should buy something that fits 100% of the time. If it doesn’t fit immaculately don’t, I repeat don’t, buy it. You won’t wear it and it is a waste on so many levels. Save up for something that wows. Quality over quantity.

I’m really into high rise pants/denim right now. It is such a flattering cut. Low rise is a thing of the past, that I hope stays there.

Adriano Goldschmied always delivers in the denim department and I think just about everyone is familiar with his jeans. (1st pic 2nd

M.i.h Jeans isn’t exactly a new brand but the designer is just coming onto everyone’s radar recently and Thank God for it! M.i.h Jeans are constructed with a woman’s body in mind and their sole purpose is their fit. Their Bodycon Marrakesh Jean is superb and comes in many different washes. (both pics

McGuire Denim is also a brand that is currently on my radar and it’s jeans are sure to impress. They have many high waisted styles and really put the effort into creating an eye-catching wow piece. These are classic statement jeans, that when paired with a plain tee and blazer, are masterpieces. (both pictures

Of course I also love the high waisted idea for the workplace, I think that goes without saying. Super chic and professional.

High rise bikini bottoms will always look chic paired with any bathing suit top. (picture

Think of all the ‘crop’ tops you never wore because your stomach was showing, how many times you had to stand up to re-adjust your pants, or those times when your muffin top was just too embarrassing- high rise is the answer!

So the higher the better?  … I’ll let you decide :P



main pic:

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Samantha Lease is a style expert who resides between Houston/NYC/NJ. She associates herself and her style with that of New York, as she has lived in the City for over 10 years before her recent stint in Houston. Coming home at least once a month and staying current with all things NYC 24/7, she is totally in touch with everything Manhattan has to offer, especially the fashion. Follow her Instagram page here: @incessantlyXchic