The Cat’s Meow

Cat Fashion .. YES it is a real thing! Companies like Stella McCartney are cashing in on the trend now more than ever. Stella has always loved animals, especially cats, so now her line contains clothes like this amazing overcoat ?


Official Stella Mc Cartney

Okay, let’s be real for a second .. if the above image scared you it’s okay – I am obsessed with cats (follow my insta for fashion and my beloved ragdoll Jellybean) and even for cat lovers like myself, this trench is just TOO much.

I adore cats but I don’t think I will ever be able to just casually wear images of them and feel sexy ? Sorry Stella.

And ever since I got Jellybean, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another authentic fur. I just can’t do it after knowing that these poor animals are being inhumanely killed or skinned alive for their beautiful furs. Armani just recently announced that they will only be using faux fur in all of their upcoming lines across the board which is AMAZING.


If you google videos of how animals are killed for their fur I PROMISE you, you will never wear real fur again.



There are so many fabulous faux furs today that there is really no reason to buy the real thing. Faux fur is also cheaper and made so well today that it looks like the real deal. Below are some of my favorite faux furs that I am lusting over right now.

little-mistress-asos-com house-of-lafayette-saks-com

kensie-nordstrom              tedbaker-com

Little Mistress at; House of Lafayette;; Kensie from

Please consider the animals when thinking of making a purchase containing even the smallest amount of real fur. Please choose an alternative. Now more than ever we are able to truly learn what happens to these animals and their families just for their fur and there is nothing glamorous about it


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