The best teething remedy is found!

Here we go. The thriller «teething».

Our son appeared to be the worst teether ever. He can cry for hours, skipping his nap-time and even crying while sleeping at night.

We decided not to use any painkillers (there is an astonishing variety on american market. Tylenol, Advil, Oragel…).

The only recourse we had, was natural remedies.

Well, my first thought was: «somehow our moms managed to deal with it», so we can do it too.

When all those sleepless nights are behind and it’s all plain sailing now, I actually want to ask that question to my mom. How did they manage to deal with it???

But let’s get back to our savers. And so I called my mom! Her advice was as always simple. They used to give me and my brother chamomile tea. But the thing is, that finding real chamomile is kind of a challenge nowadays. 

I hit nearest natural store for answers. So I found at least 2 natural remedies, which contain chamomile. Hyland’s teething tablets and Camilia drops.

I got both. I was desperate.

And I went to Brighton Beach to get a chamomile itself at the Russian pharmacy. (Don’t ask)

And it seem to help at night. Drops are more convenient on the go, tablets seem to work better, though. A bottle of warm chamomile tea – showed best results. 

But, surprisingly, the best remedy still is a silver rattle.

Silver rattle

I was at my friends house, when I started complaining on our horrible situation.

She is a mom of two adorable kids (you can often see them on my photos). So, she just gave this amazing thing to Avi, and in a minute it worked.

Peace and silence.

We still can’t figure out how exactly it works. Silver is antibacterial and most of the time cold, but still it’s some kind of miracle!

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