Which superstar mom has the best sense of style?

Which superstar mom has the best sense of style?


Wow what a loaded question, eh? First of all you have to be a superstar. Many moms fall off under that qualifier. You can’t be just a superstar, but must also be a mom. Many more fall away. Then – best sense of style? Well, are they allowed to have a stylist?


What would superstars do without stylists? Would they look amazing still? Granted many celebs learn as they go from their team of stylists, but some were always fashionable and remain true to their fashion style as their star shines brighter and brighter.


First let’s talk about celebs with amazing style. I love quirky style and so, she is not a mom, but she wins the prize for amazing style.

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Would she have such an amazing style if she wasn’t a celebrity of her own sitcom? Umm…methinks prbly not…..What tells me this? She is obviously enjoying the perks of her job and has talked about how the show The Mindy Project upped her fash game. It’s great how her team has created silhouettes that accentuate her body, work with her figure, and highlight her hourglass bod. The clothes that Mindy wears are so beautiful, make her feel beautiful, and makes us envious of her body AND her clothing. Her team is doing such an amazing job! I wish I had those guys for spring wardrobe cleaning.

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But alas, Mindy is not a mom…yet (it would be great to see her progeny some day with some bodacious actor). So let’s move on to other superstars.

Actually, we ended up with a tie on this one. In no particular order, our two moms with the best sense of style are:

Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba.

Here’s why. Let’s start with Gwen.

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I mean, look at those shorts. I just can’t. They are so frikkin cute, wish I could pull those off. Love her recent use of giant fishnet in such interesting ways. She carries such a girl-next-door smile yet her outfits are just man-slayers left and right! I also love how she has always had a great sense of style before she had stylists – she took chances and rocked the punk look and yet was not afraid to change. She has a demure, mature style but hasn’t lost her edge. Her outfits on The Voice were just amaze-balls.

Here are some of my faves:


A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

What a great LBD (Little black dress)


Also, tying with Gwen, we have Jessica Alba, a mom who really embraced her motherhood, investing her time in a business all about babies. Her style is so on fleek and yet so timeless.


A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

Jessica has such a youthful and fresh look and she really milks it with her no fuss, low maintenance wardrobe that highlights her “I woke up like this” look. She may have a stylist but you can tell, as a woman who puts herself so much into her work, she is heavily involved in her OOTDs.


So there you have it, friends – Gwen and Jessica, the superstar moms with the best sense of style. Hell, who am I kidding? They could both rock a potato sack down the catwalk.


Main photo credit: Jessica Alba

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