Smoothie Diets: Hot or not?

Smoothie Diets Hot or not?

Definitely hot!

Yum! It used to be that a smoothie was some frozen strawberries and some juice. Gone are those days! Today smoothie recipes are so vast and varied that you can change it up every meal! These mason jar smoothies are so visually tantalizing, they can make a much needed ritual out of your morning routing. Layering the ingredients in your mason jar ads such a nice visual touch – isn’t it nice to eat something so visually appealing? Eating something that looks good plays a big part in portion control which can be important if you are watching your weight. In addition, mason jars are a great way to control portion sizes and ensure you don’t double up on breakfast.

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Check out some of these awesome smoothie concoctions! You stlll get fiber, vitamins, and carbs. Of course you can tailor your smoothie to your diet if you want to leave something out.

And smoothies don’t all have to be in a jar or glass – smoothie bowls are all the rage and they taste so good! Acai, chia seeds, avocados, coconut, bananas, sunflower seeds are just some of the tasty ingredients you can throw in.

What are the benefits of smoothies?

Raw whole foods packed with vitamins and nutrients. Whether you drink the smoothie with a straw or eat it with a spoon, you get a delicious, sweet and flavorful meal that leaves you satiated but not feeling heavy. It is a great way to eat on the go as well.

What about smoothies all day all the time as a diet?

To do a cleanse for a day may help invigorate you and gain back your focus on nutrition. However, the consistency and acid balance may be too much for your system if you are eating smoothies exclusively. It is good to change it up and give your teeth something to chew on which also helps your digestion. Slow food is good for your system and the chewing process is an important part of that. The verdict? Smoothie diets are hot but don’t over do it. Once a day or a cleanse for a day is fine. They are definitely a welcome change to the boring cereal, milk, and OJ in the morning.

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