Romance or no sense?

Romance or no sense?

Do you remember that time when we were just dating? Romance was the only thing that we had. Everything was about romance. And it sugar coated all the imperfections so perfectly that we didn’t even notice them. 

Shitty apartments, broken cars, cheap restaurants… Everything seemed great. Even more – incredible.

How does this work? 

And Why do we need romance? 

It turns out that romance is not for ever. Not at all. Nobody knows exactly when it fades away. But obviously it gets lost somewhere in between dirty diapers and “no time to shower”. 

I couldn’t help but wonder: why is it so important for us to have romance? 

Some people keep on hopping from relationship to relationship like addicts, aiming to experience the sweet taste of romance.

Please, I didn’t write “men” just because I happen to know  a woman who have been quite a hopper as herself.

There are AA meetings, warnings on cigarettes and cocaine is totally illegal. But romance, why don’t somebody just explain us, how addictive romance is?

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