Resort Wear

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful .. Covergirl – haha j/k, but, no, really.

Summer is approaching and I feel like this summer is going to (or should be) all about light, flowy, incandescent fabrics and impeccably well fitting resort wear.

Okay, so let’s first define ‘resort wear’. Basically to me, resort wear is this: clothing that you would be proud to take on vacation with you, clothing that you want to flaunt yourself in, clothing that looks expensive, and last but not least, clothing that looks crazy chic!

I imagine myself wearing resort wear on a yacht, on an island, or f**k it, walking down the gritty NYC sidewalks. Looking like a million dollars never goes out of style, and as long as you look great (and you will) is all that matters. Your feelings matter too, but that is not the point of this article, and hopefully after shopping for new resort wear makes you feel happy.

Now that that is cleared up, let’s take a look at some chic clothes.

Halston Heritage always serves glamour, and okay this is a PERFECT example of the fact that you cannot always pay attention to the model. You have to think about how this garment is going to look on YOU. The model here doesn’t look happy and you might not even have her body. For women of color I think this is an amazing choice of a gown and you will look stunning in this. For the fairest of the fair, this gown not so much.

So remember, imagine YOURSELF in the garment, and if you can’t? Move on until you find something absolutely flawless looking. 

For porcelain skin ladies, darker colors will always look good on you; the contrast is super chic. Don’t forget the mascara and bold lip and BAM all eyes on you. Especially fair skin blondes, darker is better BUT by no means are you limited to only dark colors that would be ridiculous.

And again I need to stress the importance of always wearing mascara and a bold lip, because these models are not wearing either and they look super dull, super boring. Also, let me stress again the importance of imagining yourself, your hair, your shoes, in the gown. Because honestly, the stylists and models don’t always get it right.

I mean, this screams resort wear.

So does this… Late dinners and breezy nights? This is your dress. Add a red lip and you are on fire.

In my opinion, you can never be overdressed. And sexy, classy pieces will never go out of style. So don’t feel bad splurging on them. They are investments. Same goes for shoes and bags but that is another article!

Talk about effortless glamour. This dress is it.

Okay, last one …

Side note: all of these gowns are on Halston’s website on sale for under $278

Now of course resort wear isn’t limited to dresses, however, they are super easy to shop for and fun & flirty to wear.

So go on, find a resort wear dress, buy it, wear it, to either a lunch date with girlfriends or a night night/early evening date with that special someone, and feel good about yourself.

Because, why not!?




Main pic by: yours truly

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Samantha Lease is a style expert who resides between Houston/NYC/NJ. She associates herself and her style with that of New York, as she has lived in the City for over 10 years before her recent stint in Houston. Coming home at least once a month and staying current with all things NYC 24/7, she is totally in touch with everything Manhattan has to offer, especially the fashion. Follow her Instagram page here: @incessantlyXchic