What does it really mean: to be married

Ok, so, let me start from the worst. Have you ever seen all those delightfully wonderful romantic comedies? You shire did, why I’m even asking. Well, those relationships ARE NOT REAL! God, I don’t know how to even explain that. Well, it’s more like “Desperate housewives” than “Kate & Leo”.

Let me see…

Let’s take my situation for a change.

My husband is not into flowers, sweets, jewelry or any kind of spontaneous presents. In order for me to get the right kind of flowers, I need to call the florist and put a recommendation. He is not into surprises. At all. Romance is something that I have he has to carefully plan…

But he is the best dad for our kids I could ever wish for! He is amazing. He is the best! I trust him completely.


He made me realize what real marriage is.

  • Marriage is saying seriously bad things and hoping that he’ll forgive you
  • Marriage is peeing in front of him (as you live in New York and have a one bedroom apartment which has only ONE bathroom!)
  • Marriage is listening to him, when he tells you, that you’ll feel better after you exercise, but knowing that you’ll fell better only after a long nap
  • Marriage is Knowing where he hides his worn socks
  • Mariage is when he knows you use his razor and is totally fine with it
  • Marriage is still thinking he is a superman even after you’ve seen him dancing naked to the Star Wars soundtrack
  • Marriage is being your authentic self without being afraid, because you kind of have no other choice
  • Marriage is about being wrong. A lot. And having someone to constantly remind you about it.
  • Marriage is about spending a lot of sleepless nights together. And not because of sex. But because of teething, feeding, pooping and crying.
  • Marriage is about passing out on the couch, wearing your best lingerie and waiting for your hubby to come home, cause you had just a sip of that wine.
  • Marriage is forgetting all the boundaries, so that he can use your toothbrush when you are on the trip and he just forgot to pack his.

But above all, Marriage is about becoming indeed united. In every possible and impossible way.

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