One easy exercise for killer sexy ABS

Summer is on it’s way, mommies!

Been dreaming about a perfect ABS for a while now? Especially after we have kids. Our bodies changed… A lot. Well, you know what I mean.

Some exercises that worked before, might not work anymore. Simply because, postnatal body needs a slightly different approach.

The key to success it understanding. You have to know what changed!

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So what changes?

Rectus diastasis. Sounds horrible! What is that? Rectus diastasis occurs when space develops between the two abdominal muscles. As they were constantly stretched during pregnancy. This obviously cause the abdomen to protrude.

One easy exercise for killer sexy ABS
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Regular exercises can’t deal with the gap. It has to be removed the same way as it occurred – from the inside!

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The trick is to bring the inflated uterus back to normal. So it will bring back your ABS to normal.

And the best way to do it – are Kegels!

We all definitely heard about them. But

What actually is a Kegel?

To cut a long story short: Kegel is the “stop your pee” move. It consists of two parts. Part one is to “stop your pee”. Part two is to suck in your lower belly and lift it up into your pelvis.

Kegels for Flat Abs

Will practicing Kegels make my belly flat?

Well, the answer is – no. What will make your ABS perfect – is adding Kegels to you regular ABS exercise routine! Whatever you are doing – just add Kegels!

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You’ll notice a dramatic difference in only 2 weeks!


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